Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief: Sophie Barnett, Bardia Monavaria, and Sarah Harrison
Managing Editors: Graydon Kelch
Senior Editors: Aisha Ryan, Feaven Abidta, Angela Hou, Jessica Li, Sanjana Shah, Fariha Ahmed
Senior Design Editor: Vinson Shih
Junior Editors: Kate Reeve, Jessica Yu, Prachi Singh, Ernest Leung, Sunniva Bean, Andrea Ho, Nadin Ramadan

Academic Works

A Special Friendship?: Russia and Far-Right Parties in Europe

Author: Hélène Emorine

The Orthodox Church and the Fate of Georgia's Westward Ambitions

Author: Joshua Gold

The Struggle for Caliphate: Sovereignty Norms and the Islamic State

Author: Riam Kim-McLeod

Challenging the Behemoth: Domestic Politics and Power

Author: Maria Monica Layarda

Liberalism and Prussian Foreign Policy: From the Zollverein to the Springtime of Peoples

Author: Jonah Gadsby

Human Tracking, Hyper-Masculinity, and the United States Military

Author: Emily Evans

Global Citizenship: Desirable or Detrimental?

Author: Fatin Tawfig


The Role of Ontological Security in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Tara Zammit


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