Whereas the University of Toronto, notably the University of Trinity College and the Munk School of Global Affairs, is host to the international relations program, there shall be an academic society to represent the students affiliated with the program.

CHAPTER ONE ARTICLES: Name, purpose & membership

Article I – Name

   1. The official name shall be the University of Toronto International Relations Society, herein also referred to as “the Society”.

   2. Unofficial variants of the name shall include the IRS or IR Society.

Article II – Purpose

   1. The purpose of the Society shall be to proactively represent the students affiliated with the international relations program.

   2. There shall be three core objectives of the Society:

           a. enrich independent learning by hosting educative academic events

           b. provide academic support to students in the form of academic workshops, peer-mentorship, and student socials

           c. expand the future career potential for students by developing networks between student and professionals, and to inform students of post undergraduate possibilities

   3. The Society shall collaborate with the IR program director and serve as a liaison between the director and students.

Article III – Membership

   1. The membership of the Society shall be open to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University of Toronto, and shall not require a membership fee. Any member who wishes to vote, or to run for positions must be a full-time Arts and Sciences student registered at St. George campus, or must be an Arts and Science Students' Union fee paying member.

   2. Students in related programs, most notably history, economics, regional-focus departments, and political science shall be recognized as stakeholders in addition to students enrolled in the international relations program.

CHAPTER TWO ARTICLES: Executive and its Structure

Article IV – the Executive

   1. There shall be an executive body, herein referred to as the Executive, with the responsibility of executing the responsibilities of the Society

Article V – Structure of the Executive

   1. The Executive shall include the following elected positions:

      i. Co-Presidents (2)

     ii. Vice-President, Finance (1)

    iii.Vice-President, Administration (1)

    iv. Vice-President, Communications (1)

     v. Vice-President, Mentorship (1)

    vi. First-year representatives (2)

2. The Executive shall include the following appointed officers:

      i. Academic Programming Coordinator (1)

      ii. Multimedia Coordinator (1)

3. The roles and responsibilities for each member of the executive are pursuant to those stipulated in the appendixes. (see PDF)

4. All members of the Executive shall possess voting privileges.

Article VI – Elections and Appointments

   1. Elections shall be held prior to the end of the classes for those positions for which election is necessary—co-presidents and vice-presidents, elected in the order prescribed in Art. II (s. 1)—with elections for first-year representatives held during the autumnal meeting.

   2. The Director of Academic Programming shall be appointed following the spring elections but before the end of the academic term.

   3. Should any member of the executive be unable to fulfill their responsibilities, as stipulated in the appendixes, a new member may be appointed to the position. An impeachment process shall then be pursued in consultation with the IR Program Director and the current executive.


Article VII – Elections

   1. The Society shall host two meetings per academic year that are open to all voting members wherein elections are to occur:

           a. Autumn elections for the first-year representatives; to be held before the end of September during the academic year for which they are to serve

           b. Spring elections for the co-presidents and vice-presidents to form the executive for the following academic year

   2. Meetings wherein elections are to occur shall be advertised a minimum of two weeks in advance, and must fully describe the positions to be filled and all other relevant information.

   3. Quorum is set at fifteen members, including the executive.

Article VIII – Executive Meetings

   1. The executive shall meet at minimum once a month during the academic term, excluding December and April exam sessions, and adhere to the following:

          a. Quorum is set at five members.

Article IX – Student Socials

   1. The Society shall host two student socials, one in the fall term prior to the end of December, and the second during the spring term prior to the end of April.

Article X – Conference

   1. The society shall hold one annual conference, or an event that is comparable.

   2. Overall direction of the conference will remain the purview of the co-presidents, but the generation of speakers should be collaborative among the executive members.

   3. The Society shall collaborate with the IR program director while planning the conference.

Article XI – Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the club constitution requires approval by two-thirds majority of the general membership, after two weeks' notice has been given. Refer to Article III regarding membership.

To see the roles and responsibilities of executives as outlined in the appendix of the constitution, please download the PDF file below.