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Gender and International Conflict

In modern armed conflict, civilians are far more likely to be victims than soldiers, particularly women and children. In these conflicts sexual violence committed against women has been used to systematically inflict terror on communities, break up families, or in some cases is used as a tool of ethnic cleansing. Despite a history of considering wartime rape to be a legitimate spoil of war, now gender based violence which includes wartime rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, and forced pregnancy or sterilization, is part of the Rome statute of the international criminal court. Clearly sexual violence during conflict is a serious issue in international relations, but often not given appropriate attention. This panel will seek to remedy this by exploring how gender based violence in recent conflicts in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, the Congo and Syria has been addressed by the UN, international law, and civil society. The panel will consider the progress of addressing gender based violence, and consider the implications of future recourse for gender based war crimes. 

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