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China & Europe: The Future of Multilateralism

The topic of this academic seminar is situated in the global shift of retreating American global leadership. America’s protectionist and isolationist tendencies have given rise to competing views about the world order, and contending emerging powers who may champion or restructure the liberal rules-based international system. China’s increasingly proactive foreign policy and the initiative of European states to uphold principles such as free trade hint at future prospects for further collaboration among like-minded partners, outside of traditional alliance networks. For example, in the area of global environmental governance, China’s growing portfolio in renewable energy investment and climate action is aligning it with the interests and positions of countries such as France and Germany. This raises the question of whether Europe and China should still be viewed in a East vs West dichotomy, or rather now as potential partners with shared policy priorities and collaborative approaches to global governance. Please join us - our speakers Professor Robert Austin, Dr. Anton Malkin, and Mr. Asif Farooq will discuss China-EU relations, China’s role in the Balkans, Made in China 2025 and its implications for China-EU relations, and more! Please register here:

LOCATION: Room 208N, 1 Devonshire Place (North House, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

Earlier Event: October 1