Founded in 1998, the Attaché Journal of International Affairs is the premier undergraduate journal in international relations and politics in Canada and is celebrating its fifteenth year of publications in 2013. Previous students who have served on the editorial board have won Rhodes Scholarships and authors of papers and research published in previous volumes have continued their graduate education and research overseas at University of Oxford and Harvard University. Furthermore we are listed with Archives Canada and have print editions archived in Robarts Library and Trinity College.

2016-17 Editorial Board


Sarah Harrison and Bardia Monavari

Co-Managing Editors

Sophie Barnett and Graydon Kelch

Design Editor

Vinson Shih

Senior Editors

 Aisha Ryan, Feaven Abidta, Angela Hou,

Jessica Li, Sanjana Shah, and Fariha Ahmed

Junior Editors

Kate Reeve, Jessica Yu, Prachi Singh, Ernest Leung,

Sunniva Bean, Andrea Ho, and Nadin Ramadan