Call for Papers- Expressions, Canadian Political Science Students' Association Journal

Call for Papers- Expressions, Canadian Political Science Students' Association Journal
Theme: Sovereignty- land, bodies, and borders
Deadline: October 1, 2015
Expressions is the student-run, peer-reviewed journal of CPSSA. The journal is published twice a year and features high quality undergraduate papers. Following the 2015 national conference theme, CPSSA is currently looking for papers specific related to its topic in fields of international relations, political theory, Canadian politics and comparative politics. 
1. Papers should have been written for a university-level course or contain a level of research and writing acceptable at the university level. Papers can be submitted in English or French.
2. Papers should be between 3500-4500 words in length, using the Chicago Manual Style. This entails the appropriate use of footnotes as opposed to end-notes or in-text citations.
3. As with university-level requirements, papers must include a bibliography for sources. Papers submitted without a bibliography will not be considered.
4. Please include a separate title page with the following information: Name, university, class name and number (if applicable), paper title, and email address

Submit papers in both, .PDF and .DOC formats to Include “Expressions F15 – [Full Name]” in the subject line.