Mackenzie Institute Research Fellowships: Call for Applications

The Mackenzie Institute is seeking a Research Fellow on a part-time basis. The position is open to all recent graduates in the Greater Toronto Area.

About the Mackenzie Institute

The Mackenzie Institute, an independent think tank, brings a strategic and pragmatic approach to security matters that affect both domestic and global audiences. The Mackenzie Institute provides external independent thinking for policy makers, governments, private sector entities, and educational institutions. We propose an open forum for global conversations on the threats and security vulnerabilities we face in order to best advise these various entities.

The Mackenzie Institute is a globally recognized Canadian-based public policy institute for research and comment on issues impacting political and social stability, specifically terrorism, organized violence, and security.

Working with colleagues in Washington DC, Israel, and the UK, we emphasize a worldview on the various topics we cover. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with Canadian government institutions, private sector organizations, educational bodies and other stakeholders to provide a distinct perspective on security matters.

What is a Research Fellow? A Research Fellow with the Mackenzie Institute will work closely with the General Manager and the Managing Editor on the development of projects related to research, publications, grants, events, and the day-to-day operations of the institute.  A Research Fellow will work roughly 12-16 hours per week for the Mackenzie Institute, both remotely and in the office. The term of the fellowship is four months. Research Fellows will be given a stipend for their work, in the sum of $1000.00 (paid in monthly installments). Upon completion of the fellowship, the Mackenzie Institute will provide a personalized reference letter signed by our decorated Board of Directors, which is composed of outstanding individuals from Academia and the Public and Private sectors.

What are we looking for in a Research Fellow?

-  Recently graduated university or college student

-  Advanced knowledge of international relations, global affairs, politics, defence and security matters

-  Advanced computer literacy, and ability to use Microsoft Office and WordPress

-  Experience researching and writing grant and sponsorship applications

-  Proficiency in English (a second language would be an asset)

-  Flexible schedule (available to work on site at the Mackenzie Institute‚Äôs office 3 days a week)

How to apply: Please submit the following documents in PDF to

-   CV and Covering Letter

-   Names and contact information of at least 2 references. (1 academic and 1 professional)

-  Submit documents with the following title format: (Name, CV/Cover Letter/References, Fall Research Fellow 2015)

Deadline: Please submit your application ASAP. We will not accept any applications after August 31st, 2015.

Questions? Please send all questions or concerns to: