The International Relations Society is an undergraduate course union of the University of Toronto, housed in the Munk School of Global Affairs. It has two main objectives: to provide students with extra-curricular opportunities to engage with current world affairs through seminars, panel discussions, and an annual conference, and to give students the chance to explore job opportunities through mentorships and job shadowing.

 The International Relations Society has hosted a plethora of scholars, former heads of state, and diplomatic officers in over thirty years of activity. Our work is supported by various institutions within the University, including the International Relations Program, the University of Trinity College, and the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

The International Relations Society considers being "part of the conversation" an indispensable asset, and thus works to facilitate discussion, debate, discourse, and interaction among world leaders, policy makers, professors, and students.

We look forward to meeting you and starting the conversation!